2. July

Teenage sweat,
Looking like death.
Are we who we are?

I watched you get arrested,
A crime that I attested
Under dark LA sky,
Windy but I feel alive.

We got cracks in our road
We paved together long ago.
Started to believe you,
Can’t fathom that I ever did.
Make a momentary commitment,
Break it off in the last minute.
Beginning to understand you,
Blurred the lines, to a bleeding hue.

Let’s sit and park
And watch the lot flood.
I want to swim in all of your blood.

Emotional mess:
Artistic canvas.
Laughter cuts the silence.
Champagne is a tyrant.
Thinking time is well spent,
Painting to the violence.

Believing love is righteous,
Losing to the nihilist.
Drinking all the quiet,
Purging what was violet,
Breaking hearts, a diet.

Sociopathic servant,
All our friends are serpents.
Time is over, is this the end?
Are we who we are?

We feel too intensely,
Kill too immensely.
Threatened masculinity:
A frail, fragile, delicacy.
Summers are hard,
They tear me apart.

Graham Watts