5. Sedona Blues

Legs frozen to the bone,
Lost lovers calling phones.
Swirling, twirling, within the wind,
Utter lies of confession.

Homeward bound
But heart is wounded.
Fury unfurls, lips uncurl.

They’ll be dancing in the desert before long,
Kicking up dust to heart song.
Blankets will wrap and suns will set,
Heated feelings of kisses unkept.
Dreams in motion, nothing left
But aromates placing bets.

Sipping highs of wishful life,
Dreams become weakened in strife.

In town again,
On a timeline
Constructed fear,
Never be fine.

What is this world but a whole mental construct?
What is control? Unfortunate misconduct?

Swimming through the motions of seasons forgotten;
Holidays lost and memories boughten.

A birth of our savior or a curse of damnation?
Seeing redemption in the eyes of a stranger.

Wispier figures glide upon my mind.
The world, full of skaters, and I am the ice.
Suffering falls of broken lies,
Tempted to lust after treacherous lives.

Three years running
With a target on my back.
Coming undone with the tendencies to lack
Sympathy and devotion
And a patch of sentiment.
Folding cards under tables
To avoid giving in.

Cut through corridors
Where my mind hosts a maze,
A split fanfare
Between old and young ways.
Call it black and white,
But we bleed red.
Dewy Mondays
And mundane lies.

It’s an agonizing world,
Stake it on my shoulder.
Anarchy or torture?
I can sense the war is over.

Caramelize my insides,
Lose yourself in my mind.
Milky eyes, I despise
How you look in the nighttime.

Beauty of a sunset,
Piercing as the red debt.
Streetlights glisten,
Adoration blitzing.
Is this what it means to be
Falling to death,
Hoping to leave?

Graham Watts