1. The Departure of Cosmo Senoj

I was born in the divide.
Theory of the blind,
Religious confines that
Sprout the country wide.
How did I get here?
Am I deserving of this breath?
Every time that you kissed me,
I tasted a subtle death.

We’ll fight and we’ll scurry.
On our backs do we bleed
With haste and with heed
For the eternal seed.

After surveying and falling
Into naiveté,
I understand these worlds
As a balance of thee.

We are broken beings,
We are not broken souls.
We are mortal bodies,
But we’re liberating wholes.

I am called back again
To recall where I have been.
They will not understand
The findings I prospered
If they do not understand
Me for who I am.

So accept and run free,
Vengeance is deadly.
I never knew life could be
So otherworldly
Until I left my own galaxy.
From there to this own,
Too milky to uncover,
I merely breathed to know,
That nothing is forever.

I found more understanding
And fulfillment
Within confinement
Than when I knew what was beyond
The structure of the universe,
And the fragility of Mind.
That is not to say
That knowledge is not beauty.
I lust after the fleeting moments of meeting,
Moments of newness and not understanding.

People confiscate my treasured heart,
They operate my soul to get inside my mind.
What do they expect to find as I die more each day?
Do they expect to find a cure
That makes death go away?
Do they expect to find another entity
To think for their pathetic brain?
Why do we live in numbness and vanity?
We're all in our own process of fading,
Accelerated parts will confiscate the whole.

So sign your name and return your blues.
The recoloring of sky is long overdue.

Let me paint you a picture,
I will even let you name it.
I live between yellow and green
But I am never blue.

Graham Watts