3. Jumble

Death is simplicity
Through rings of serendipity.
When devoid of serenity,
Violence is appealing.
We are living in one complex society,
Falling in and out of reality.

Watching television to pinpoint pricks just like me,
Searching for people who deal with
Internal infidelity.

My soul is departing,
My Body is discarding

Bruised bones make a rattled tone,
Drip-drop unto the stone.
I ate my feelings away,
I hate the feelings you gave.
Quick wits and fingertips
Testing our intelligence.
You cut your hair with kitchen scissors,
Missing the summers filled with silence.

A melody reflecting on terrible crimes,
Your tone capturing fearful times
As we walk the wire toward desire.
It’s darker than red,
Sweeter than death.
The love that we bred,
The highs that we bled.

Coffee spilt all over the sheets,
Stained carpets never bothered me.
Cracked teeth create the tension,
It’s unsaid, this sacred invention.
The galaxy is infinitely wondrous,
Your eyes, always, so thunderous.

The Milky Way means nothing to me,
A formulated area of intimacy
Afraid of meaning and intensity.
Preserved to view, but never adore.
We're wired to create disastrous war.

Graham Watts