4. Windy in Malibu

What is perfection?
A living deception?
No use of synthetics?
Please some discretion.
Beauty is derived from pain.
Why be upset if you're plain?

Young Americans,
Cracked and wide.
Barely moving,
But we’re alive.
Too much to say no to,
All the reasons to go to
Arms opened wide and phones aglow.
Can you say that wherever you go?

Street signs screaming,
Colors popping, beaming,
Circling the screen wide.
The world encompasses to hide
Thoughts that glisten
Where cities don't shine.

Fingers twisted to cross the street.
Wringing thoughts and draining hands.
Soap highs, smoke lies,
Caffeinated drunk times.
Dissociated space of mine,
Piece of heaven laced with wine.

Children fall and children crawl,
Some think they can do it all.
There is so much past your glinted lenses,
Saturated hues, tinted senses.
The world is full of enough contrast
So we're searching for moments that will make love last.
But the capitalistic hybrid society
Of technology and toxicity
Come between knowing you
And finding me.

A chance at heaven, our muse.
We batter our soul beyond blue bruise.
It is windy in Malibu.

Graham Watts