5. Beautiful Interlude 2

Knight in shining armor with
Soft hands that only feel her.
Dreaming of tomorrow,
Knowing that it’s only borrowed.
So full on regret,
It’s time to get over it.

Trees grow and flowers bloom.
Lovers come and go, like zoom.
Do you want to hit resume?
Go back to flirting with doom?
On the verge of saying I do,
Feelings flicker out of view.

Drowning in these memories:
A repertoire of you and me.
Shifting scenes and fleeting needs,
Anxieties on the balcony.
Fighting, loving, all a bore,
In the end it’s still a war.

An Icelandic gesture, a twirl of applause.
An obsession with acceptance that will never stop.
Slurring words in the afternoon,
All that’s dead was once bloomed.

Graham Watts