6. Torment

I watched the tide pull you out
In a piercing gaze when you drowned.

These streets are familiar
But your face doesn’t shine.
My lips wrap bad habits,
But it’s your breath I want to wring.

Am I wrong?
Loving you and moving on?

I’m in a new city,
Adapted identity.
Lost responsibility
Wanting you around me.

I thought if I left,
It’d bury the hatchet.
But roots run deeper
Than a two week facet.
I’m breaking down on a beach,
You can call it crying.
It echos with the words I scream,
And it goes streaming away from me.

Face of denial put me on the streets.
Dizzy sundial, I haven’t dreamed in a while.
Kaleidoscopic kisses stimulate a bad trip,
But what sweet bait you are.

Lonely city, lonely lights.
Lonely soul, stone cold nights.
Once you meet my eye,
You will never leave my mind.
Salt on your lips, another treacherous bind.
I’d hate to see your tooth chip,
So long as your heart blips.

Time is running out now,
What is that about?
Target or flee,
Don’t wade in the clouds.
I’m sick and tired of waiting,
I could kill in the meantime.
Not your fragile body
But the perception you seek.

A dagger with your name,
Do I spell it through your spine?
It could’ve been yours,
But we played a game of Lying.
The figures we produce are deadly in the end,
Go ahead and validate the charade that I am.

Your neon body will fade in the end—
Beauty fades, and so do you—
Your neon body will fade in the end.
Love is a game, there’s no need to pretend.
We'll do whatever it takes to win.

Time is fleeting,
Our eyes no longer meeting.
When I think of you,
You are gleaming.

We fuck the world to our content,
But in reverse it’s called torment.

Graham Watts