7. Resolution

Where do I stand
When misery surrounds me?
Am I an island
When the sea serpents beneath me?

I don’t want to face that look in the moon.
When she looks at me, I feel so blue.
I don’t want to face that look that looms.
All my mistakes, they seem to bloom.
Can we make it out?
I wanna make it out of this world.
Condemn my soul,
Myself and I.

I am from another planet,
This is not my afterworld.
Sent form another galaxy
To observe this milky living.
Arrived disappointed
But leaving renewed.

Companionship is essential to the Human mind
But is irrelevant in creative Time.
Lonesomeness is calling,
Security is present.
It is through the interaction with people
Of which we conceive resentment.

Suddenly the stars and the sun collide,
Explosions that fill extraterrestrial minds.
Amongst these mortals do I find
A search for greatness.
It's a walk through the desert,
A drowning in Regret’s blood.
When will you get the clue?
Earth is a habitat,
Not a refuge.

No crusade will come between
The one guarantee
That completes this living:
And all its glory.

Graham Watts