3. The Deformity of Human Existence

The world’s at war.
Psychedelic mirror,
Shards in the shower.

Dying tree at the meadow,
Tying shoes, weeping fellow.
Brick and mortar,
Built on souls’ asphyxiation
By ego.
Industrialism, and so we fall.
No synonym for survival, so that is all.

Flowers in your hand,
Blood in your hair,
Pins in the skin.
We’re adored.
Is this the future we dreamed of?
Dying in the corner?

Our Kings won a championship,
And escaped this life.
You ring of sincerity,
Is that a strife?
Metal cleats cut my throat.
The world is flooding, where’s my boat?

I thought the future would be full of Lilies.
But we lost all sense by killing our friends.
Call yourself an angel, but demons transcend.

Spitting purple fires, moving to the choir,
Is your love for hire? When will you retire?

Giants, gods, and guardians
Conceive anew what has been.
We must salvage our own meaning
By formulating realities.
Equality will emulate creation.

Let us create,
Fuel a nation.
Let us starve,

Graham Watts