4. Castaway

Exaggerate the parts of you
That dip and turn and fade to blue.

You washed over a sunset,
A high tide regret.
My castle and my kingdom
All become a rerun.

I’ve seen these shows,
Know what to do.
Of me and you.
Walk over me,
All of my actions.
Ruin me
With your distractions.

I’m not taking chances in the deep end,
Free-falling, windswept, into the ocean.
I’m wading waters just to find you,
Bloody beacon caught in the rear view.

Call on me, broken today.
Call on me, a castaway.

Shoot me up and breathe me out.
All aboard, but cast me down.
A sunken ship, my heart will fix.
Rocky waters, take your pix.

At some point we’ll stop the care.
We’ll attempt to love but fight unfair.
Call our cards before we stare,
Eyes rolling, image turn bare.

Come here again and shake me,
Rattle my core, don’t break me.

You’ll hurt me and I’ll leave you,
Write melodies of the feud.
Spin and blur out of control,
Are we bright or are we old?

A floating discotheque
Boating an age old hex.
We love until we wreck,
Become a castaway.

We fight to make undo,
Our life a mental zoo.
Amend what we once knew,
Become a castaway.

A siren in the night,
Drowning in the lies.
Surrender to the tide,
Become a castaway.

Graham Watts