6. Fin

Bruised ribs of the mind
But baby I’m all right.
Would you look me in the eye?
I need to know that you are mine.

Sipping on romantic concoctions,
Believing your twisted perception.
Thinking about
Kissed texts and
Missed connections.

Flying high at half mast
Keep your love fully staffed.

The mountain’s blood runs as dew.
You and I will meet anew.
Within the fences, rip me apart,
Bloody knuckles, compact heart.

Has it been that late already?
Four months no communicating?
Spiraling lies, I'm so deprived.
Getting high when you lied.

Swimming through mystical mind,
Missing you, you were never mine.
Can be pretend we are all right?
Fairy-tales of no alt-right.

Complex culture killing kids.
Time to temper with temptation.
Let us love, lose luxury.
People producing providence.
Let us love, liberty live.
People proposing peacefulness.

At which point did we die?
I’ve been killed so many times,
I can’t remember.

Do the bad days outshine joyous reigns?
Or do they do their best to dull the sun away?
They do not seem too bright.
Can we bury them right?
I'm ready to move on.
Am I all alone?

I want to find hope but I can't in a ditch.
If I keep complaining, you'll call me a bitch.
It's a continuous battle, I am feeling defeated.
You can't beat your enemies when you are not eating.

On the run to find again,
A form of bliss, try to define it.
Blinded by my demons,
Truth an exorcist.
But I will never know the truth.
I will always be searching for you.


Graham Watts