2. Flares in the Night

I let my greed
Come between
The people that I need.
I let my hesitation
Stifle love
And respiration.

I told you that I hated this state.
Did God forget us?
Were we too late?

This whole world’s a sick perversion,
Please, kill me with your conversion.
Justice so sweet of lies,
Inverted hate will paralyze.

There's blood on the ground
And it doesn’t look like mine.
Glass shards and parked cars,
Maybe it's red wine.

Cameras flashing
And shoelaces untied.
I’m thinking that maybe
This is a sign.
I’m thinking that lately
This place doesn’t love me.

We strive to be worldwide,
Stride toward swift success.
While gated communities
Only cause duress.

Our emotions complicate
The irrefutable display
Of affection to confiscate
The horrid games by which we play.

It’s colder than before,
I can feel your icy stare.
Your little heart lay bare.

Heat is synthesizing
As your needs are multiplying.
How the time passes quickly with you lying.
We move too fast to know if we are dying.

This sun never truly sets
When smog is in the air.
Breathing purple fares,
We are all but mere flares.

Graham Watts