3. Render

Guilty pleasures validated,
We are living overstated.

Injustice is what we bleed,
Amputate at the knees.
Slide into the damned scene,
I will be what you need.

Black and white is all I see,
Like fireworks in silent movies.
I want colors bursting with my love.

Where is the line drawn
Between throwing your life away
And following your dreams?

Tonight these things are going to end,
Two-step it to the wrong music.
I say you're a hell of ride.
Your sly smile crashes like the tide.

Rain drops multiplying,
I stare, slighting crying.
Rain drops multiplying,
This is peaceful dying.

Looking for a human connection
Greater than divination.
Lost in a world that’s not your own,
Shaking anxieties,
Dancing alone.

Down by the beach,
Alone in fright.
Rocky shores and neon signs.
Tommy's tongue is good as gone,
You come close and spark a fire.
A simple game of pitter patter.
Pluck my string, my sweet disaster.

I find solace in unexpected places.
I feel you near, but only in hidden spaces.

It’s hard not to live in headlines
When your mind is always online.
Trying to fill the void in your life,
Cracking your shaken mind.

If your sleeve gets caught on the door on the way out,
Would you let it unravel to the floor?
All the memories and cliches I used to adore
Coat the crumbling floor.

Is it the mildew? Milky white eyes?
Flutter in spring, only to let die?
Pinky white guy with pastel eyes,
A mere monogram, he’s not alive.

Is it loneliness calling you again?
Is it my friend, separation?
Tell me that it’s depression.
Depressing thoughts don’t need discretion.

Sear me through the heart
And send me out the door.
Bullet for protection,
Lust never an action.

Nothing serene is worth a fight.
You render me into delight.

Graham Watts