5. Dance

It’s two am again,
I am sitting all alone
Thinking is this the end.
Sipping on Perrier,
Thinking, wondering
Am I my only friend?

But my mind has a mind of its own.
And I don’t have to say it if I don’t know.
I feel blue, feel it too? Floating on and on.
I am good, I am numbing, am I done?

Depression or suppression?
Synthetic attribution.
Blog to all the wannabes,
Tumblr relativity
Exposing sexuality:
Web M-D mentality.
Tally the fatalities,
Everyone including me.

I lost the love of my life but I’m all right.
Thinking clearly, walking straight, not tonight.
Don’t be petty, you’re too great, lullaby.
Getting high, wanting to die, what a guy.

Confusing destination,
Ending with frustration.
Our culture is curated,
Big Brother golden plated.
No cure for the wicked,
All success for the hated.
Prosperity belated,
Our savior never dated.

I need help, some therapy, to sympathy.
A short spectrum but a notion, care for me.
Hook me up, a love potion, keep dangling.
Mental warfare knock me out, but I’m dancing.

Keep on coming, never go,
Laugh until we make the show.
Please silence your telephone,
Bombshell news you get to know.
Don’t look me in the eye,
We all lie, get a grip.
LSD, let’s take a trip.

Acting good but I’m so sick,
I think it’s time that we end.
End the praise to pretend,
Give us space, let us live.
A special place for all the kids,
Live with scars, own who we are,
Work in progress, just the start.

I'm dancing.

Graham Watts