6. An Introduction to Destruction

I lost sight of what we were doing here.
Some human race, towards no return.
Finality equates to fidelity
Until our mortal souls become infidels.

I had wanted accolades before,
Held the dearest medals to my heart.
But what is gold does not tarnish,
Until what's underneath is revealed.

Arise into the darkened mind.
It is he and I, we are some but alive.
Climb onto what was salvaged,
A reigning world of heartbreak’s stardust.

Can you keep a secret if I tell everyone I know?
I’m looking for hope, I heard she’s below.
At which point do we fall,
Or are we already diminished?
Our soul and our body,
One must be finished.

The mental capacity is unable to understand
That intelligence exceeds all that I am.
Mind and body are one in the other,
And body and soul are no one and the same.

What correlates between the soul and the mind?
An evil god complex? A rabbit of Time?
Do we hurry, do we cry? Do we offer our life?
Is eternity real? Or reality eternal?

Please close your ears.
A fearful sight,
A sigh fell from fear.

I sigh and I bow, but I must not dismay
That the world is art, and I, only paint.
But what color am I who glosses the sky?
And what life do I live when I know I will die?

The poet, the poem,
The chicken and the egg.
What came first? The brain or the bang?
And what will exist when they’re one and the same?

Graham Watts