1. The Objectification of Cosmo Senoj

Orange reflections,
Strange deflections.
Moving too fast to remember.
Is this the end of forever?

Sipping green, newly minted.
TV screen, renewed subscriptions
Supplementing inner afflictions.
Pointing fingers but stabbing eyes.
Pretty stinger, bloody demise.

Parted clouds rain red,
Lovers only reign the bed.
Ran too far, declared dead.
Ringing ears, we disappear,
Bittersweet revenge, dear.

Strike me once but kill me twice.
Fighting turn twisted blue,
I’ll take my jab until the sky undo.

Sing to me, sting my soul,
Brick building, ring my phone.
Falling down, breaking bones.
Call out to thee, lose my own.

How can I be lonely?
I lost my heart, how lovely?
Dented cup, can you dig?
Coming up, breaking big.
This just in: who have I been?
On the run, fainted again.

Magic destiny,
Travel to infinity,
A space obscure to you and me.
Calling in but losing sense.
Ability, we're built to leave.
I don’t think I wanna be me.
Actuality tear reality.
Headache paradise,
Heartache pair of eyes,
Aren’t we full of lies?

Still writing love songs
In metro vents.
Ignore my feelings
To break my neck.
Your skin is showing,
Shake that myth.

Lonelier than the smoke between fingers.
Grasp my arm, pray we don’t linger.
Fictionalize heat between thighs,
Stop the kissing through sewn-closed eyes.

Burning cities misplace the feeling,
Up too high, no more breathing.
Let the locals boast.

Space, Time, a peculiar line.
Blown up bars become my own.
Flown over stars to fair Verona,
Platonic ocean will sink emotion.

Graham Watts