3. Rolyat Versus The World

Art becomes narcissism.
Love becomes counterfeited.
Life becomes publicizing,
Taking notes of your sizing.

When you made this decision,
Did you know what you were getting into?

I see your blue eyes,
They curse from the sky,
Fill up the lamplight:
The street crystallized.

Pick a gender and prey.
Always running from the daily male,
Another predator trying to get a sale.

Mozart of the charts, they’re not calling it art.
Took two years of a broken heart.
Take pain into color and fix yourself,
Paint a wild world, but it’s not enough.
Write a love story, it's too cliché.

What would’ve happened in a gender swap?
No one would’ve called the tabloid cops.
What do we have instead of adoration?
An empty body, screened old fashioned.
Call it self seeking, narcissist reeking,
Too high feeling, incredibly petty.
Fill up your ego, what a feel whore?
Undercut success and close the door.
Stabbed in the back, repeated, it’s war.

I know you’re doing fine, okay.
Best you’ve ever been, you say.
Strikes a smile on my face, this way.
Misogyny in their veins, a shame.

Graham Watts