4. Fam Facade

In the technological advancements
Our history were mere advances.
Our interactions few and suggest
I am one of your kin, no more, no less.
I am one of your kin, but you are the best.

Will you show me your face of disappointment?
You wanted to see me, no appointment.
My scars are burn marks, I have no ointment.
Your time is up, tell me was it well spent?

Bigots in the garden,
Weed out what was forgotten.
Drowning the memories,
Call it a mystery.
Keep me by your side,
Up and high, a trophy wife.
Plaster far and wide,
What a lie that we call life?

Earth a treasure, we must cherish,
Only in love do we perish.
Years within depression,
Assert your power thick and thin.
Stoop so low so you could know
You can never let it go
If you never have control—
If you never grasp and hold.

After years and years of tears and beers,
I thought it honest to let go.
But you come back, and heart I lack,
I thought it honest you should know.
I gave you time, I gave you mine,
I gave you love, I gave you wine.
In treachery does nothing prosper,
What’s not found cannot be fostered.

Graham Watts