5. Enter Lewd

Liberation never felt so condemning.
A bittersweet tinge, a kick at the end.
To feel and to lose is the greatest of blues.

Their aroma and mind felt translucent as time.
But in such translucency
Does an individual lose.

A parasitic relationship, perceived as a potion.
A tragic beauty, damned in the motion.

Growth in confinement
Is inescapable.
A coming-of-age
But losing oneself.

Toxic bursts,
Close proximities of the soul,
Avoid the nightly patrol.

Friendship on innocence and kind,
Purity of beauty that no one will find.
Crusade of justice, or a crusade of security?
Understanding nostalgia
As a being of own.

World of prophetic gods: to be or not to be?
To live and never to love?
To live and prosper alone.

The clouds and sun
Are shimmering hearts
Abandoned by nuns.
And none other do I share by soul so bare.
With love and with ache,
And honesty in mistakes.
I found a broken heart
In a glorious place.

Graham Watts