6. The World Fascinates Me

Normalcy breeds anxiety.
Within chaos, I find peace.
I find me.

A generation of acceptance,
Don’t be a nuisance,
Come on now, close the door.
Reinventing innocence,
Confusing it with ignorance.
We know we’re worth more.

Freedom rings in the eyes of treason
Worth the fighting or worth the ceasing?
Weapons down, armor upright,
Retaining pride is a powerful lie.

Don’t call me friend and
Don’t call me foe.
Real enemies are the only ones
Who know you best,
Your ins and outs.
Who know you best,
You let me down.

Yeah you got even but isn’t it odd?
You can’t find love in having it bought.
Wasn’t this the first lesson that they taught?
You’re just another towel waiting to be wrought.

Shock, bitter, guilt, defeat.
We love to lose,
And then repeat.

You’re not a Sour Patch Kid,
You never turned sweet.
I knew it every second when our eyes’d meet:
You were danger
And I was playing with fire.
I was hungry
For that lethal desire.

Two time me now, calling it bliss,
Shot for love but another miss.

Tech crossed lovers, no love to give.
Love through text, no time to live.

Thought I could rekindle a dying flame,
But in all fires is a fetal game.
So don’t say that you cared the same,
And I’ll say love is who to blame.

Live to shift, adapt per people.
Missing kid from the mental steeple.
Liberation at the hands of betrayal,
Lost conviction, love at a standstill.
Screaming for justice, all eyes on us,
Protruding sword mount on my carcass.

Unbeknownst to self,
Unloved by many.
To know is to love,
Fragile but steady.

Graham Watts