7. Anthemic Disaster

I am always changing,
Why don’t you save me?
Eighteen years in hell,
No one I could tell.

We become displaced
By our similar distaste
For adolescent mistakes
In godforsaken states.

Could you forgive me when my sorrow kills?
Stand clear from the site, on a bloody windowsill?
I’ll give you your passage, would you give me your feels?
Sorrow is a beast, and I made a deal.

Peel me back I need to know
How it feels when my soul goes.

I like the way it hits in an instant,
Lyrical genius or melodic distance?
I’m looking for your face in a new painting,
‘Cause your sorrow’s so beautiful,
It’s mosaic pain.

You’ve seen me grow,
The lies you’ve thrown onto my soul.
You’ve seen me change,
Become deranged,
Now I am ready to go.

I stopped believing when I was young
That there’s a place to go when done.
Don’t know the truth behind the sun
Can’t see the stars before they run.

I could see you on the midnight street
Twenty years from now
Looking pretty and beat.
When fluorescent lights linger
And burn in your eyes.
Your smile is shifting,
It looks like lies.
Wrapped around my finger,
Lick until clear.
I’ll give you tomorrow,
And then disappear.

Tapping on your tantrum,
Tapping on you tenfold.
Supermodel of the slum,
Pretty body of the numb.

It’s fresh air breathing,
New city stealing,
Catching flares on a Friday night
To let them go and stare in fright.

How does the world rearrange
Every gaze from a fickle plain?
Extend the narrative in vain,
I need to know I’ll be okay.

Mountainous valleys,
A pretty skyline.
Dying in tunnels,
A tumultuous timeline.
Heaven needs a stairwell
So I’m praying for a miracle.

Dead bed of roses,
Pierced bloody noses.
Inadequacy runs deep.
In insecurities, I steep.
I am falling apart,
Or is that the illusion to see?

Graham Watts