I am a dark cloud.

I have always believed
That reality can be conceived.
And it’s the purpose of society to deceive
And to influence the way which we perceive.

I’ve adapted to the future,
Interacted with fewer people,
And I’ve grown up to understand
The small going-on’s in other heads.

It’s not a god complex
But questioning is complex
And my contemporaries are rarely bold enough to ascend the world’s chatter
For some discussion of absurdist matter.

And the people who possess thoughts of existence
Repress these thoughts through dutiful persistence.
It’s the echoing screams of leaders’ wishes
To extinguish the variants
And conform the resistance.

The irony here is the discussion is beyond jurisdiction.
There’s no anarchy here, in after-worldly dimensions.
But there’s an eagerness so misrepresented
That daydreaming about death will get you blacklisted.

It’s not a lust for the sensation
Or a pray for the execution
It’s an admittance in its inevitability
And an analysis on the world’s related duties.

An Italian countryside,
Rustic and rashly capitalized,
Is a fantasy that I continue to idealize.

How simple it would be to lay beneath trees,
To feel the subtle breeze,
Skipping pages as I read.
The ripples created
By these riveting actions
Disturb the ocean
Of my mind.
Deep and unsettling,
Forever a fear of mine,
For I relate too dearly
To the darkness below the surface.

And how simple it would be to breathe and taste leaves
To interact with no one
As I harvest my seeds.

The world is too much.
The words are too little.

I think life is quite a simple matter.

I have always believed
That your reality can be achieved.
And it’s the purpose of society to mislead
And to influence the way which we feel free.
But if you escape the deadly strategies,
And find yourself a place of peace,
You can cultivate your own type of trees
And live forever without having to flee.

As the sun sets
And the grass sleeps,
I make a goal for myself to reap.

I see my out,
And it’s not a hole in the ground.
It’s a matter of Now.
A matter of the countdown.

Similar to the moon,
I shall crystallize.

With this newfound freedom,
And better yet,
There’s no reason for me not to seize
A life where living
Is simply
To be.